Gosport sunk by a Brogen Broadside

Gosport U18s 1 Bashley U18s 4
Hampshire Youth League Cup

Young Bash travelled to Gosport for the opening round of the League Cup and marked their first away game since formation with an emphatic win. Undeterred by a pitch not conducive to good football, Bashley took immediate charge but throughout the first half failed to turn their dominance into goals; this, despite goal-worthy efforts from Jamie Johnson and a 20 yd thunderbolt from Zorro Skilton that almost broke the bar.

Marc PlunkettBrogen SimsBashley started the second half with an adjusted formation that had Josh Cook moving forward and Billy Cooper and Jonny Davis controlling the middle; a move that paid off almost immediately. Cook, relishing the change, drifted past two defenders to open the scoring with a beauty of a net-busting shot from all of 25 yds.

Gosport pushed forward but did little to show that they could penetrate the Bash defence marshalled superbly by Marc Plunkett and George Croucher. Then cometh the hour, cometh the man, this time in the shape of Brogen Sims. Starting by converting a Lucas James’s corner, followed by a one to one that had only one winner and then completing his hattrick with opportunist goal that had the mark of a natural striker.

Gosport got one back at the end but by then young Bash were already thinking about the next round.