Bashley all at Sea

Baffins Milton Rovers 3 Bashley 0
Wessex Premier

Kicking-off, Bashley were faced by a strong, cold wind straight off Langstone Harbour and, more relevantly, an unforgiving Baffins defence. Play was mostly one-way traffic in the first period and despite several counter breaks by the visitors, they never managed to trouble the home keeper.

Baffins took the lead as early as the second minute when a perfectly executed long range shot from Dale Mason curled into the top far corner of the net leaving Jason Collins in the Bash goal to only watch and wonder. Emboldened by their long-range success, Rovers’ Tom Tierney took-over the shoot-on-sight prescription and repeated the dose by scoring from over 30 yds out.

Without three key defenders and a man-to-man height difference of many inches Bashley were always vulnerable at the back but to their credit they dug-in and for the remaining 26 minutes of the half held their own.

The second half was more of a contest and, at times, Bashley out-played their opponents only to find entry into the Rover’s penalty area denied. Scott Cameron in the home goal who had been seagull spotting until now, was forced into action in the sixty-fourth minute when smothering an indifferent shot from Harrison White which although unsuccessful, signalled that the defensive wall could be breached thus initiating a purposeful response from Bash.

Now, very much in the game, they displayed their intentions by bringing on three attack minded subs but, intentions don’t score goals, and once again the Rover’s penalty area remained unsullied. To add to Bashley’s frustrations, Jason Parish broke through the now sparse Bash rear-guard in the 90th minute to give Baffins their third and least earned goal.

Bashley: Collins, Dathan, Smith, Strickland, Manufor, Beard, Farrugia, Munday, White, Clements
Used Subs: Webber, Sims, Maddocks
Att: tbc